On the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for all versions of Windows 7.

What does Windows 7 End Of Life mean?

Any computer running Windows 7 after that date will become insecure and open to future vulnerabilities.

There will be:

  • No Security Patches
  • No Updates
  • No Compliance

Businesses that use Windows 7 Professional can start paying Microsoft a fee per year, per device to keep receiving the updates, but it’s not very good value for money and only recommended if you’re using older third party proprietary software that hasn’t been made available for Windows 10 yet.

What Should Windows 7 Users Do To Stay Safe?

Everyone should upgrade to Windows 10 to keep their personal or business data secure. This advice doesn’t only apply to businesses, but anyone who uses a computer in the home as well.

Even having one Windows 7 machine on your network will make the entire network insecure.

If you have to use Windows 7, the only way to keep using it safely is to unplug it from the internet. Do not do attempt to do any banking or shopping online.

Windows 8 will continue to be supported until 2023. There’s no point in using Windows 8 as Windows 10 is a superior Operating System.

How To Upgrade To Windows 10

There’s really only two viable and cost efficient options.

  1. Keep the same device and upgrade it to Windows 10
  2. Buy a new device with Windows 10 already installed

If you’re not sure what the best way to go forward or you’re worried about losing important data during an upgrade, feel free to contact us.

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