Windows 11 Extra Security Requirements

Windows 11 currently requires the extra security features called TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot.  Many people are asking will Microsoft continue to enforce these requirements bearing in mind that millions of computers do not have these features and are completely ineligible to upgrade?  

These security measures do not just exclude old computers as many brand new PCs, many of which are top of the range and some laptops being sold even today do not have TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

With the enforcement of these security features it seems that Microsoft is following a similar path to Apple in that they are giving their customers an ultimatum.  “Upgrade your computer or don’t use our latest OS.”  This is a big change for Microsoft as in the past they have generally made sure their new OS is available to everyone in order to generate maximum sales. 

Apple enforces similar requirements in order to generate new hardware sales, but unlike Apple Microsoft sells relatively little in terms of hardware.  It seems Microsoft wishes to be seen by business owners and the domestic home user as a security conscious company who is putting consumer safety before profits.  

However, industry experts have been predicting that Microsoft simply can’t afford to enforce TPM 2.0 requirements in the long term and sooner or later will remove it as a requirement to generate more sales of Windows 11.  Time is ticking on and the security requirements are still in place so it remains to be seen what will happen.  


Check if you have TPM 2.0

If you wish to run a quick check on your computer to see if you have TPM 2.0 then in the search bar type in tpm.msc, press enter and you will see the TPM console where it will state whether or not you have it.  (Almost everyone has Secure Boot unless your computer is older than 10 years.)

It should be noted that many computers which appear at first not to be eligible for the upgrade and have no TPM 2.0 module sometimes simply require some changes either in the software, hardware or both to make the computer meet the requirements.  If you would like assistance and advice on upgrading, then contact us to arrange an appointment.