Unless you’re in the security business, you normally only hear in the news about the big companies that get hit with Ransomware, but the businesses that are getting hit the most are smaller firms, with between 1 and 10 employees.

Gene Marks from The Guardian newspaper explains what happened to a small two person medical office and why all small business owners should be protecting their businesses IT Equipment on a monthly basis.

We see it all the time. A small business gets hit by a virus that encrypts all of their data and deletes all of their backups. If they don’t pay the ransom, they don’t get their data back.

The main reason that small businesses get targeted by Ransomware in the first place is that it’s really easy to target a computer that’s not being looked after properly. Having an Antivirus just isn’t enough as most Ransomware will just bypass any Antivirus that is installed on the computer, via iTunes or some other out of date or insecure software as noted by Darren Allan from TechRadar.

To help mitigate a Ransomware attack we work with small businesses to keep their computers secure, tested, up to date and also provide a secure offsite backup system which is tested manually every month to ensure data integrity. Even if an attack does destroy all of your data and backups, we still have a copy of the data kept safe at a remote and secure location.

Criminals are making serious money from targeting small businesses. Worldwide it’s now a multi billion pound industry. Since 2018, cyber criminals have switched away from mass consumer campaigns and instead are focusing highly targeted campaigns against small businesses.

The popular anti malware company MalwareBytes expects consumer attacks to almost completely disappear in favour of more targeted attacks against small businesses.

Adam Kujawa, the Director of MalwareBytes goes on to say that small businesses need to take the risk seriously or risk falling victim to a Ransomware attack themselves.

If you would like to find out more about how we protect and secure small business computers and networks, give us a call.