For businesses that require employees to send texts to each other during the course of the workday a good secure Messaging App is required.

Most businesses in the past have used WhatsApp, but now that WhatsApp has been found to be lacking in security and is neither GDPR nor PCI Compliant, business users have been looking for an alternative App that their employees can use securely.

The three most common questions we get regarding messaging Apps are:

  • Which one is the most secure?
  • Which one can be used on all devices, PCs, Phones and Laptops?
  • Which ones are GDPR and PCI Compliant?

There’s really only two choices at the minute that fulfils all three requirements and that is Signal or Telegram.

Using Signal or Telegram is an easy way to make sure that customer data and sensitive employee information isn’t being leaked to suspect third parties when employees are communicating with each other.

For most businesses we recommend Telegram as the number one choice, mainly because it has more features for group chats and you can use the Windows 10 version to make voice calls. Signal doesn’t allow calls from their Windows 10 App just yet. If for some reason you prefer not to use Telegram, then Signal is the only other App that currently offers the same level of protection.

If you would like to discuss messaging options for your business in further detail, please give us a call on 028 2588 0582.