This post is designed to help you find out which type of laptop you have.

Here’s the top 5 reasons why our customers have needed to know which laptop they currently have:

  • Diagnosing faults
  • Upgrading information
  • Insurance purposes
  • Getting up to date drivers
  • Trading in against a new laptop


It’s normally very easy to find out the name of the manufacturer as it’s usually very prominently displayed on the lid. If not, then flip the laptop over and it will say the name of the manufacturer without having to remove any of the casing.

In rare occasions you may have to remove the battery.

Once you know the name of manufacturer, you can go to their website.


It can be surprisingly difficult to find the exact model of a particular laptop. If you’re lucky it will say somewhere around the outside of the screen or near the keyboard. If not, the flip the laptop over and look for model number, serial number or part number.

The next place to look if you can’t find it there is under the battery. Go ahead and remove the battery

In rare occasions you may have to remove the panel underneath the laptop. When this is the case, there’s usually only one or two screws holding the cover in the place.

Finding Out Full Laptop Specifications

Now you’ve got the make and model, you can find out all about your laptop, such as hardware specs, recalls, warranty information and driver updates.

Go to the manufacturers website and look for the support button. You’ll then select your laptop by typing in the model, serial or part number and you’ll be presented with all the relevant information.