Website Hosting

Go to and test the speed of your website. Does it load in under 1 second?

If it doesn’t, your website is losing money, customers and search engine ranking.

We offer a unique website hosting service that helps even the heaviest websites load in under 1 second.

All servers are individually configured for speed, optimisation & security.

We do not offer a cheap shared website hosting package where your website is is hosted along with dozens of other low quality websites on a shared IP address.

Each client is provided with:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Customised Firewall
  • Ongoing Server Administration, Patch Updates and Security Configuration
  • Priority Support from a dedicated and experienced Network Administrator

Our fast and secure hosting service is the perfect solution for any type of website.

Got Your Interest? Here’s some more details…

You have nothing more to do, except sit back and relax, while we take care of the following:

  1. Complete backup of your existing website including database, images and design
  2. Scan for and removal of all known bitcoin miners and other malware
  3. Full clean and optimisation of the website database
  4. Setup and configuration of a new Linux server
  5. Upload the optimised website to the new server
  6. Configure a firewall
  7. Point the DNS to the new server IP
  8. SSL Encryption from LetsEncrypt
  9. Transfer of email addresses
  10. Fully automated 6 hour burn in test
  11. Ongoing Automated Backups with monthly manual checks
  12. Ongoing Security Updates
  13. New SSL Certificates generated and applied every 90 days


How do you provide this service?

We have over 15 years experience building and maintaining high performance servers for clients including these nice people, where I spent 7 very happy years as their full time Network Administrator, designing, building and maintaining Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Linux and IBM servers with IPTables based firewalls, Apache web servers, Barracuda spam filters and Juniper, Cisco & Nortel routers.

Where will my website be physically located?

You can choose the location closest to where most of your website visitors are from, such as London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York City, Toronto, San Francisco, Bangalore, Russia, Singapore or Melbourne.  If most of your customers are from the UK, you’ll want to have your website hosted on our London based server package for optimal performance.

How much does all this cost?

Prices start at an extremely competitive £19 per month.