Anyone who has provided their personal details as a result of a fraudulent email should report it via ActionFraud at or by calling 0300 123 2040. If they have provided bank details, they should call their bank urgently.

This type of email has been doing the rounds lately, specifically people who have a or email address.

It’s designed primarily to steal your email password.

You’ll see an email from a friend, you’ll click on it and see a green box that says “Display message”.

If you click on that, a fake web page opens up that asks you to type in your email password again. Once you type your password in, the screen disappears and the hacker now has your email password.

Now the hacker uses your email address to send emails to all of your contacts with the same message so that the hacker can get their passwords as well.

To protect against this type of attack it’s a good idea to change your password every 90 days and use a strong password, of at least eight characters with a mixture of capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters.