Every small business in the UK now has to submit their VAT return online.

There’s plenty of software recommended by HMRC such as Sage & Xero, but they might not be cost effective solutions for your business.

One of our business clients who works as an accountant recently came in to get her laptop repaired and updated. As we were chatting she mentioned that she uses VitalTax and recommends it to some of her clients who don’t require all of the bells and whistles that are supplied with software like Sage or Xero.

Download the free one year demo

Learn how to install VitalTax, by watching the video below.

VitalTax is free for one year and takes less than a minute to install.

VitalTax is built for people who already or want do all their accounting in Microsoft Excel.

The software acts as a bridge between your Excel Spreadsheet and HMRC.

If you already use VitalTax or would recommend another accounting package for small businesses, feel free to leave a comment below.