Virus & Malware Removal

Virus and malware can range from simple popups on the screen, to ransomware that encrypts data files.

Every device has tens of thousands of files by default, plus personal files and all of them will need to be scanned and cleaned if necessary.

At CCS we provide a “peace of mind” virus and malware removal service.

Not only will we remove the virus and clean the files, we will advise on what can be done to prevent future infections.

When you get your device back, it will have all the latest security patches installed, programs such as Java & .Net will be updated and all drivers and programs that can be updated will be updated to the newest versions available.

Often we will be asked which Antivirus program is best and there are only two that we recommend.

These two programs are the built in Windows Defender, created and supported by Microsoft and the other is called Kaspersky AntiVirus.

Windows Defender is free and Kaspersky is paid, but either one will give your device better protection and will not slow it down.

We do not recommend Webroot, Avast, AVG, Norton or McAfee for various reasons. Over 20 years experience has proven to the IT industry that these programs do very little to protect your device, in fact it has been shown that using some of these products will make your device more susceptible to attacks. Most of them will also cause your device to run slower.

One thing to remember is to never install two different Antivirus programs as they will conflict with each other, causing your device to slow down and will provide very little or no protection at all.

Virus & Malware removal services provided for all operating systems including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux
  • Unix