We Keep Your Precious Customer & Employee Data, Safe and Secure.

Here are some questions that all business owners should be considering….

  1. If you lose your business data forever, how would your business suffer?
  2. Would your business be able to continue as normal the next day?
  3. Do you ever worry about losing your data?
  4. Even if you already have a backup solution, is it being tested regularly to ensure that it works when you need it?
  5. What happens if a hacker, or a disgruntled ex-employee deletes your data, even if it’s on Dropbox?
  6. Who is currently responsible for backing up and restoring your business data and do you trust their IT skills?
  7. Is your data currently encrypted before being backed up?

Carson IT Managed Backup Solution

A fully managed, hassle free, secure backup solution that is GDPR compliant.

Our backup system includes as standard:

  • AES-256 Encryption – Currently unbreakable.
  • Secure Socket Layer Transfer – Encrypted data is again encrypted during transfer.
  • Client Based Encryption Before Transfer – All data fully encrypted before leaving your network.
  • Failsafe Data Redundancy – Data backup server is backed up twice again.
  • Two Factor Authentication – Implemented wherever possible.
  • Fully GDPR Compliant – Data Protection Act of 2018.
  • UK & EU Based Servers – All servers are hosted in a secure location by one of the largest and most secure hosting companies available.
  • Individual Files Encrypted Before Transfer – Instead of just zipping the data into a folder and encrypting it, we encrypt every single file. This makes files quicker to backup and restore.
  • Backups Tested Once Per Month – We test a percentage of all files transferred every month to ensure all backups are working properly.
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Backup Plans Available – Plans to suit every type of business.
  • Hassle Free Disaster Recovery Solution

If you’d like to have a chat with us about your business, get in touch.

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