Part of our service offerings for small local businesses in Northern Ireland includes protecting them from Cyber Security threats and making sure their networks and computing devices are PCI Compliant.

This service applies to any business of any size that accepts card payments or retains any form of customer data on their business computers.

A teenager with a laptop could take down your small business before school. Get your business Cyber Secure today, protect your customer data and improve customer confidence.

Following the recent surge of cyber security attacks on small businesses across the UK & Ireland, here’s ten important questions that every small business owner should be asking themselves today.

  1. Is our firewall, antivirus and malware protection software up to date? – Your business should have a good firewall in place with rules that are documented. Security updates should also be applied as soon as they are released.
  2. Do employees use strong passwords and two factor authentication when available? – We find a lot of businesses still aren’t using secure passwords. A secure password should consist of at least ten characters with a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters.
  3. Are user privileges regularly audited? – Each user on each computer should have their own login. These privileges should be audited on a regular basis.
  4. Do we have a regular maintenance schedule for security updates? – Security updates are released on a regular basis and updates apply to both hardware and software. Note, there’s more to keeping a network up to date than just installing automatic Windows updates every month.
  5. Are we using any unlicensed software? – Quite a few businesses continue to use unlicensed software. If your business is, then stop immediately as it’s almost guaranteed that the unlicensed software also has a network key logger or some other type of malware that is either stealing information, using your computer for bitcoin mining or sharing illegal content.
  6. Is my business network and website regularly scanned for vulnerabilities? – All business networks and websites should be scanned for vulnerabilities at regular intervals.
  7. Is my business really PCI Compliant? – Does you business have a network diagram? Do you have a network security policy? Are security patches being applied regularly? If the answer is No, then you have to tell your card reader supplier that your business isn’t PCI Compliant or do what is required.
  8. Are all of my employees sufficiently trained to ward off cyber attacks? – Employees should have at least basic knowledge of threats that can be made to a business and what to do when a threat takes place.
  9. Does my business have a secure offsite backup system in place? – All data should be encrypted and then backed up offsite to a secure location.
  10. Do my backups work and are they regularly tested? – A small business can have hundreds of backups, but if they’re not tested regularly then there is no way to know if they are working or not.

If you would like to find out how to secure your business, contact us using the form below or call us on 028 2588 0682.

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