Sometimes Workstations are recommended by individuals or software companies not fully understanding their meaning resulting in the purchase of more expensive IT equipment than would otherwise be needed.  So it’s a good idea to be clear in your mind what exactly a Workstation is and why you may need one, or not.

Often a business will require a Workstation due to the fact that the software they are using demands specific hardware requirements.  These requirements include CPUs such as the Intel Xeon that come with a higher core count than is possible to find on a Consumer PC & specifically designed Graphics cards such as the Nvidia Quadro T400 built specifically for Engineering and Design software.  

Workstations are designed with the intention of carrying out very specific, highly intensive workloads and without these special hardware components the software you use will probably run quite poorly.  Common jobs required can include;

Encoding Data Heavy Video, Lighting & Visual Effects Work, Professional Video Editing, Scientific Analysis, CAD, Video Editing, 3D Modelling and Rendering Animations.

Pricing & Upgradeability

Prices for entry level Workstation desktops & laptops start from as low as £1,000, but the higher end machines regularly retail between £3,000-£10,000.

A Workstation will give you a much higher ceiling in terms of upgradeability compared with a Consumer PC.  For example 128GB is the currency maximum RAM for a Consumer PC, but in some Workstations they can hold as much as 1.5TB.  You will also be able to add more hardware components such as more simultaneously running Graphics cards and hard drives than you otherwise could.

Consumer PCs are often a better choice thanks to their more highly advanced graphics and processing capabilities compared with in the past.  Nowadays a Consumer PC is often the better option for the majority of small-medium sized businesses.

Software for 3D Modelling and Animation such as  Photoshop, Maya, Blender and 3D Max will actually perform much better when used with a top end Consumer PC than a Workstation due to their higher single core clock speeds which are not found in Workstations.   

From our personal experience, around 25-50% of Workstations which are bought by local businesses are not being used for the tasks they were designed for and would have been better replaced with a top end Consumer PC or even less.  They are being used for low volume design based work or sometimes administrative tasks that could be easily carried out by any mid range PC.  Not only would it have been noticeably less expensive, but they would have had a better performing PC more aptly suited for the tasks they carry out.  

Take advantage of our expert knowledge in selling & supporting Business PCs & Workstations to local businesses throughout Northern Ireland.  We analyse the requirements of our clients current & future software and advise on what the right computer is for their business.  If you require a Workstation we are best placed to advise and if not we’ll tell you what would be more suited.  We build and sell our own customisable Workstations and standard Business PCs fully covered by our 4 year warranty.  This not only saves you time and money but also gives peace of mind knowing you have purchased the right computer for the right job.