Setup & Personalisation Service

Your device should run as it was meant to from the word go, which is why our in house technicians offer a unique 6 point setup for only £45.00.

New devices come straight from the factory and the software that’s pre-installed on them can be out of date by many months.

With new software updates released every week your new device will need to download and install all the latest software updates to make it secure and to be able to function properly without any hiccups.

This is time consuming and often spoils the initial joy of using a new device.

When you purchase a device from us you can choose to have it setup by our highly skilled and meticulous technicians who will treat your laptop as they would their own.

Our 6 Point set up saves you hours of time and having your new device run as it was intended to run straight from the box.

  1. All the latest Windows Operating System updates downloaded & installed keeping your device secure.  This step alone can save you hours of frustration.
  2. All operational software installed ie Choice of Web Browsers, Java, PDF viewers etc.
  3. Bloatware removed – ie Software that’s preinstalled and slows down your new device.  We also remove any bogus advertising software that tends to be pre-installed.
  4. Your Antivirus pre-installed (Or transfer of your pre-existing Antivirus if applicable) to save you more time and keeping you secure straight from the off.
  5. Office software installed so you can view your documents straight away.  If you have a pre-existing license just send us your license/product key details and we’ll do the rest.  Alternatively we’ll install a free package such as the popular LibreOffice.
  6. You new device personalised with your name & desktop background picture of your choice.  Ideal if buying as a gift!

Safe & Secure Professional Data Transfer Service By Our In-House Technicians

We are also happy to offer our data transfer service.  Send us your old computer (or if you are local drop it in with us) and we will transfer your old data onto your new one.  To keep your costs down to a minimum we offer this much sought after service for only £20.00 extra.  We strongly advise using a reliable courier such as Royal Mail with a full tracking service to ensure safe delivery.