At Carson IT we sell our own custom built PCs that we have been producing and supplying since 2008 for business clients throughout Northern Ireland and further afield. Specifically built for small businesses.

Our custom built PCs are Fast, Secure and Affordable.

Pricing for a custom built PC works out at least 15% cheaper than purchasing a brand name PC and the amount of discounts that we include with every computer is unbeatable value for money. Our prices, service, build quality and guarantee is simply not available from any other company, local or online.

Full Benefits of getting a custom built PC from Carson IT:

  • Initial Costs – An initial savings of around 15% for each computer. Discounts of up to 75% are included for business software such as Microsoft Office, business class antivirus and backup solutions.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – The savings don’t stop after the computer is purchased. Each computer is built with well tested hardware and components that we know work well together. Our custom built computers have an extremely high reliability rating. In fact we’re so confident in our hardware that we offer a 2 Year Warranty on every device.
  • Fast Service – When the order is placed, we get to work right away. Most setups are completed within 5 business days.
  • No Hidden Charges – The price that we include on the quote is the price that you will pay, excluding estimated onsite setup.
  • Zero Hassle Setup – When you buy a computer from us, we deliver and set it up for you. Before we take it out to your business, we remove unnecessary advertising and bloatware that comes preinstalled on every Windows 10 device. An onsite technician will then connect it to your network and setup any shared drives or printers and copy any data across.
  • Completely PCI & GDPR Compliant – If your business has any sort of customer data stored on the hard drive or a USB drive that attaches to the computer then the computer must be secured and encrypted. Your computer will be fully encrypted if required and and secured with a PCI Compliant Firewall & Antivirus.
  • Higher Quality Components – Part of the reason we can offer a two year warranty with every computer is that we use the best possible components available. We mostly use brands such as Intel, Crucial and Seagate that have been well tested in our workshop before being built and then tested for a second time for 48 hours.
  • Noticeably Faster – Compared to similar specification of hardware, our custom built PCs consistently outperform any mass produced computer system.
  • Future Proof – Very easy and affordable to upgrade in the future.
  • Up to 75% Savings on Microsoft Office – Full version compared to the Recommended Retail Price on the Microsoft Website. As a Microsoft Partner we get better pricing than our competitors.
  • Up to 60% Savings on Business Class Antivirus – One Full Year of ESET Antivirus for businesses at a fraction of the retail price.
  • Complete Disaster Recovery Cloud Backup Solution – *3 Months Free – Never lose your data again.

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