Reasons To Upgrade Your Computer Whether Old Or New To An SSD

Reasons to upgrade your computer whether old or new to an SSD

Just bought a new computer and disappointed by how slow its performing already?  Or have you got an old computer that you really love using but are tired of waiting around on slow loading times? 

Perhaps you think you couldn’t upgrade to an SSD because you have lots of software installed which can’t be transferred for one reason or another.  Often we can clone the entire contents of your old hard drive to a new SSD so that you don’t have to worry about reinstalling your software and still benefit from an SSD.

Upgrading your computer to an SSD is virtually guaranteed to give your computer a new lease of life for years to come.

Here are some of the key reasons why its such a good idea:

It could add years to the life of your computer

It will increase your computers performance

Less chance of data loss

Faster boot up and shut down times

Increased battery life

Faster multi-tasking

Programmes open faster

Energy efficiency meaning lower temperatures

Quieter computers as no moving parts.  Some HDDs can become quite noisy

Extra shock / vibration durability


Contrary to what the high street chain stores try to tell us, 90% of people make no use of anything over 60GB of space so the cheapest 120GB upgrade is often the best option.

For those of us who require larger capacities of storage we can offer 240GB, 480GB and 960GB SSD’s.  Less common are sizes like 2TB or even 4TB are also now available.

Bring your computer into our shop today to get started on giving your computer a new lease of life.  Upgrades are usually completed within 1 working day.

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