This ransomware is a variant of ransomware that will normally gain access to the network via an email that has a Microsoft Word attachment. It may even be sent from a trusted address, usually a supplier or someone who works in your own office.

Upon clicking the attachment, all data on the PC will be encrypted. It’s really difficult to not click on an email from a trusted source with the name of a file and the logo of a company that looks completely authentic.

The ransom starts at £1000. If you don’t pay within 3 days, it goes up to £1500.

As with most cases of ransomware infections, even if you do pay the ransom, there’s a fair chance that you still won’t get your data back.

Even having a good Antivirus and keeping your computers updated won’t stop this type of ransomware from infecting your computer either as it bypasses all types of security.

To help block this ransomware there are certain Windows services that need to be configured and others that need to be removed completely to stop it from doing it’s job.

If you already have us looking after your IT equipment, then you have nothing to worry about, in fact you can stop reading now and go back to what you were doing. We’ve already taken the steps necessary to protect your business network and customer and employee data safe from this particular piece of ransomware.

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