A Quick Install Guide For Antergos Linux

Before you begin, make sure and back up all of your data to an external hard drive before proceeding, or use an older Laptop or PC, preferably with an SSD drive.

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Hardware & Software Required:

  • USB Pen Drive (Minimum 4GB)
  • Laptop or PC
  • Rufus Software
  • Antergos ISO


  • The first thing to do, is insert the USB drive into your device.
  • Now download Rufus software from the Rufus homepage.
  • Install the Rufus software.
  • Download Antergos ISO from the Antergos homepage.
  • In Rufus, select the USB Drive and select the Antergos ISO
  • Click Start
  • Now you can boot your PC or Laptop from the newly created USB Drive
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Depending on the speed of your device and your internet connection, the install will take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Once everything is installed, remove the USB Drive and restart your device.



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