Keeping data securely backed up on a routine basis is one of, if not the most important aspects of IT maintenance.   Many small businesses who self manage their IT will back up their data to an External Hard Drive.  It is perhaps the most simple method to implement and less time consuming, however, it’s also the least secure as the Hard Drive may fail from wear and tear, accidently be dropped or may be stolen.

Responsibility For Backups

Some companies have no Backup System in place whatsoever or perhaps assign the responsibility for managing it to one of the management staff who has no IT training.  When they are off sick, on holiday or run into a technical problem with the Backup, it stops being made, leaving the company exposed to the potential risk of losing valuable data. 

It is often found that the automated Daily Backups are either not running at all, never tested or are producing errors in uploading files without notifying the user.  At the time when you need a particular file the most is when you realise it is missing, corrupt or hasn’t been updated in months. Routine testing of Backup is as essential as the actual Backup itself.

Cloud Backups

We strongly recommend using a Cloud Backup, but relying on well known services such as Google or Microsoft is far from a bullet proof method of not losing data.  

One local business who was using a well known Cloud system had around 10GB of documents that were being backed up on a routine basis, but when their Main PC crashed and they attempted to gain access to files created in the last several months via a secondary PC, they were confronted with lines of errors when opening the files.  

If the Backup had been routinely tested then the data loss would have been mitigated to a minimum or none at all.  

We took over the company’s IT Management and worked with the Backup provider to successfully restore the data and make multiple copies, but it was a two week process, which can be a critical amount of time for any size of business.  Calling up for help to large Cloud Backup companies is often time consuming, usually frustrating and in the end it may be too late to restore the data.

Daily Backups With Routine Testing

Carson IT provides full management of Backup Systems for local businesses in the Ballymena area and beyond, providing simultaneous On and Offsite Backups.  The Backups are monitored and tested daily, which alerts us to when files are reported as missing or corrupt allowing for early intervention and resolving the issue before it becomes a problem. Your data is safe and accessible 365 days a year even in the event of your systems being down due to hardware failure or power loss.

If you are interested in finding out how we can provide Daily Backups and more for your business then Contact us for a free consultation.