The Police CyberAlarm Tool is now available for businesses of any size across Northern Ireland. It acts like a CCTV camera, monitoring malicious network activity. It detects and reports on suspected malicious traffic and geolocates the source of the attack.

With the average cost of an attack now costing small businesses on average £11,000 and 60% of businesses closing down within 6 months of an attack, this new tool is an example of how businesses and the PSNI cyber crime unit are working together to protect small businesses from hackers and theives.

It is funded by the Home Office and is based on Pervade Software’s Pervade OpView platform. Any business that signs up will become part of the wider UK Cyber Defence Network.

Data received by the Police CyberAlarm Server is used to create regular reports on potential malicious activity seen by individual members as well as reports containing threat trends seen across the member network. Members can then use this reported intelligence to update their defences to better protect themselves from cyber threats.

Finally, this data is also used by the Police Cybercrime Units to enhance the UK cyber crime threat picture, enabling them to identify, pursue and prosecute cyber criminals.

Contact us if you’re interested in having your business setup with the CyberAlarm Tool.