Operating System Upgrades & Updates

Operating Systems can go out of date very quickly and can pose a security risk when patches and new versions aren’t installed in a timely fashion.

Most of the time, upgrades and updates go fairly smoothly, but sometimes they can get stuck in a loop during the upgrade or update  process and just keep blue screening then resetting.

We update and upgrade the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows – All versions
  • Mac OS – All versions since 2008
  • Chrome OS – All versions since 2014
  • Linux – All distributions

It’s rare that the Operating System itself is at fault when updates or upgrades fail, it usually comes down to being a BIOS, driver, software or hardware issue such as faulty RAM.

If you happen to be running an older Operating System that can no longer be upgraded to a current version, then it can sometimes be cheaper to buy a new or refurbished device with a new up to date Operating System already installed.