Operating Systems sooner or later stop being supported by their manufacturer and will then pose a security risk as patches and updates are no longer supplied.  This exposes you to fraudulent activity such as viruses, malware, ransomware and many other security risks.

Examples of Operating Systems that are no longer supported include Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Snow Leopard.

We strongly advise you not to carry out any online banking or make any online purchases if you’re running any of the previously mentioned Operating Systems.  In fact you should not go online at all.

We Upgrade All Operating Systems Including:

  • Microsoft Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 Home & Pro Editions
  • Mac OS – All versions since 2008
  • Chrome OS/Android – All versions since 2014
  • Linux/Android – All distributions

Your personal data such as photos, music & documents will be securely backed up & then copied back across to the new OS.  (We must point out that data is ultimately the customers responsibility and encourage you to make frequent back ups).  If you have any purchased software such as Microsoft Office or Games you will need to reinstall these.

If your Laptop or Desktop is too old it may not be possible to perform an Operating System upgrade.  If your device is older than 8 years we will carry out a series of checks to tell whether or not it will work.

If an OS upgrade will not work then it can be a better option to buy a new or refurbished device with a new, secure up to date Operating System already installed.  A trade in may still be possible to help reduce costs.  Windows 10 is currently the newest OS from Microsoft and is installed on all of our Laptops & Desktops.