Newsletter – October 2019

Service Update:
As we continually look for ways to provide a better and more secure level of service for our business clients, we have updated our remote management software to include Real Time Hard Drive Monitoring.
From now on we will be notified automatically if any hard drive is about to fail, potentially saving each client time and money by fixing the problem before any data loss occurs.
Normally when a hard drive fails, it’s already too late to be able to retrieve the data without sending it to a Data Recovery Expert, who will charge hundreds of pounds to recover whatever data possible.
If you already have us looking after your IT equipment, then the Hard Drive Monitoring Update is included free of charge. (Please remember to leave all computers switched on so that we can make your network and computers as secure as possible.)
If you would like to have us look after your IT equipment, give us a call on 028 2588 0582.
Further Reading:
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