I’ve been personally using a Motorola Moto G4 SmartPhone for almost a year now, so I thought this would be a good time to write a review of how it’s been performing.

Previously my phone of choice was the Samsung Galaxy Note and it cost around the £300 mark when I first got it.

What I love about the Moto G4 is that apart from the quality of the camera, it’s almost a better phone in every other way that the Galaxy Note.

The screen is crystal clear and of an extremely high quality and this to me is one of the most important aspects of any computing device. Screen quality means so much these as more people are spending more and more time staring at them.


  • It’s cheap
  • Large clear screen
  • Touchscreen is responsive, no lag
  • Performs as well it’s competitors at twice the price


  • Camera is fairly poor quality

So if you like using Instagram or just enjoy taking high quality photographs on your SmartPhone, then the Moto G4 might not be for you.