Proactive Monitoring is an essential part of a Managed IT Service.

If the hard drive, the fans, memory chips or processor are about to go faulty on a PC, we’ll know before you do.

Proactive Monitoring is part of a Managed IT Solution which not only acts as an extra layer of security, but it also extends the life of IT equipment.

Notifications are sent straight to a Technician who will take the necessary steps to avoid data loss and down time.

Proactive monitoring saves time and money by fixing problems before they cause a more expensive problem.

Emergencies cost money. Proactive Monitoring mitigates the risk of emergency call outs.

For more information, call us on 028 2588 0582.


  • Improved Reliability and Efficiency
  • Better Security for PCs, Network, and Data
  • Longer Life for IT Assets and a Better ROI
  • Notifications Straight to a Technician
  • Zero Disruptions
  • Event Logs
  • AntiVirus Monitoring
  • Improved Productivity
  • Prevent Bottlenecks
  • Risk Identification
  • More Cost Efficient than Reactive Support

Excellent service! Very helpful, knowledgeable people who were of immense help to me when choosing a new laptop. They set it up and I collected it the same day. Their aftercare service is exemplary.

Darwin Workman

Brilliant service when getting my pc build corrected and sorted out. perfectly patient with the numerous questions i had and answered with great detail. over all i advise using these guys as they know what they are doing. 10/10

Andrew B

Courteous and professional advice always. Customer service is a priority.

Wilbert McFetridge

We transferred our IT managed support contract to Carson IT in 2016 and have been extremely happy with the service provided. They are always ready to help in any emergency and have never let us down.

Better and faster service and much better pricing than the last local company we used.

The support team completely upgraded all 15 of our computers within 2 days, which was was done with almost zero down time.

Terence Gilmore

Very helpful, always patient and better service, warranty and prices than any of the local or online competition.

When we need them they are there to help solve all our IT related problems at work and at home. I can’t really say enough good stuff, been dealing with them for over 10 years now. A++++

Deborah McMaster

Really fast service. We needed our laptop fixed asap after we dropped it and we had it back the same day and was able to hand in all my coursework on time. Thanks guys.

Daryl Porter
Always excellent service and very pleasant people to visit.
Jean Rees

Excellent service from two very helpful patient men. Would highly recommend for any computer problems or buying as well .

Billie Scott

Would recommend highly with any computer issues you may have. First Class service and very reliable..

Martin Murray