A common and all to often very costly misconception in the business world is that OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox are Cloud Backup Solutions.

They are not, they are for sharing data online with other people.

If in doubt read their T&C’s and you will see they all recommend that a third party backup solution is essential for protection against data loss.

Our Cloud Backup Solution removes the backup from the hardware and uploads it to a secure private server that no one can access.

How it works:

The Backup Client Software is configured to backup certain folders. These folders are then encrypted using currently unbreakable AES 256 Encryption.

The encrypted folders are password protected and uploaded in small segments to the Cloud Backup Server.

The Cloud Backup Server then replicates the data to a second Cloud Backup Server in a different location.

Most importantly, the backups are tested once per month to make sure they are working. This is the bit where most Disaster Recovery Plans fall apart.

By having us manage your backups, you are ensuring that when Data needs to be recovered, it will actually be there and in a usable state.

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  • Private Backup Server
  • SSL Transfer Encryption
  • AES 256 Data Encryption
  • Data Tested Monthly
  • Password Protected
  • Virus Scan Before Backups
  • Data Replicated Twice
  • Integrates with DropBox
  • Integrates with Google Drive
  • Integrates with OneDrive

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