Our Managed IT Services Include


We support a wide range of local businesses including ones in the following sectors:

Businesses in the construction industry require good fast computers in their offices that can create, edit and process high quality building plans, large audio and video files and enough fast, easy to access storage.

Food manufacturers require their systems to talk to each other in real time. Our job is to make sure that keeps happening with zero downtime.

As with Food Processors, Meat Processors also need their systems to stay in constant contact with each other, from slaughter to finished product, frozen or fresh.

Suppliers of parts require secure systems that can help them manage their orders from all of their different sources and link up thousands of products from dozens of suppliers to thousands of customers.

Vet clinics require secure systems with a good internet connection and plenty of RAM & CPU power for accessing databases of information regarding their clients and supplies. Encryption is required to open emails from trusted suppliers.

Onsite connectivity and “always on” access to critical information and emails is of the utmost importance to Oil & Gas company workers, especially when working in remote locations in foreign countries.

Plant Hire companies need to have fast, efficient systems that can process data quickly for equipment they purchase maintain and rent out to others. We also work closely with Rental software companies such as Syrinx, to make sure everything works as it should.

Real Estate Agents, Accountants and even Solicitors all fall under the same category. All need extremely secure, robust systems that can quicly access information as their employees are normally working under pressure while their clients are patiently waiting for answers.

Finance & Insurance requires the same as above. Secure, robust systems that work well under pressure. Connections should be secure and data should be encrypted at the very least.

We work closely with the manufacturers on the back end and we also work with the front end sales staff in the showroom. Computers should be fast enough to create, edit and process high quality CAD programs and other third party designing software.

For online retailers we not only provide Managed IT Support, we also provide high speed web hosting on UK based web servers with Caching and Encryption. Speed and Security are the two most important factors for online retailers.

Roofing and Window suppliers deal with suppliers from all over the world and sell to customers locally and across the globe. Due to the high amount of invoice fraud that targets the industry, PCs, emails and data need to be secured as a top priority.