Managed IT Services

When’s the last time your firewall was checked, your backups tested or your Operating System was patched with the latest security updates?

Small businesses are the so called low hanging fruit that hackers love to target.

The hackers that target small businesses very rarely get caught. The profit that they make can be anywhere from £5,000 to £150,000 for a few days work.

This happens across Northern Ireland to small businesses on a daily basis.

At this stage you may be thinking I’m exaggerating a bit. I’m not.

Antrim farmer loses £150,000 in computer hack.

Cyber criminals almost shutdown NI firm.

Cyber attacks hit half of UK businesses

Email scam targets tradespeople

The list could go on forever….

Are your emails encrypted? They should be, otherwise potential hackers can read everything you send or receive by using some very common software that is free off the internet. In fact this is exactly how a lot of businesses in the Ballymena area have been targeted recently.

You have a login password for Windows, that’s great, but anyone can still access all your files with a few clicks. Hard drives need to be encrypted, otherwise anyone who wants to can browse, read or delete all of the files.

Our Managed IT Services means that the chances of a hacker successfully accessing you and your customers critical data and personal information are extremely low.

It’s still not impossible for a hacker to gain access no matter what you do, short of disconnecting the internet, but at least try and make it extremely difficult for them. Otherwise it really is just a matter of time.

A few of the Managed IT Services we provide includes full security patches on all devices. A complete offsite encrypted backup of your data  to a secure location and full encryption of all local files so that even if someone does gain access to your network or physical hard drive, they still can’t access the data without breaking through yet another level of encryption. Staff training is provided on a regular basis and real time network scans are provided to ensure all incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted.

This is just a small part of the services that we offer to the business sector across Northern Ireland.

Contact us for more details and a no obligation consultation to see how we can protect your business today.