Default Credentials

Many Routers come with default usernames and passwords, which make it simple for anyone with even a little knowledge to log into your business network.  A quick internet search provides lists of these details enabling anyone who wants access to your network, able to do so without you or anyone ever being aware.

Hackers can do this blatantly right inside or outside the office as long as they are within range of the Wi-fi signal.  Often it’s just a matter of matching up the network name to the router brand and trying out several different username/password combinations and access will be granted.

Their intentions could be to steal or alter company data, install Viruses, Trojans or use Ransomware to encrypt your data and afterwards charge you a large fee payable in Bitcoin to decrypt it. 

Change Routers Default Credentials

Even if your router has been issued by a well known company such as BT we strongly recommend changing the security logins such as SSID, Router Username & Password.  This is the best way anyone can be sure that nobody outside your organisation knows your credentials.

If you have not done this then you are potentially exposing your business wide open to being hacked with loss, alteration or theft of valuable company data.

Guest Networks

When you have visitors you may wish to give them access to your Wi-Fi.  Once they have entered the logins you provide them with they are permanently saved to their device, meaning as long as they are within range they can connect to your company network at any time in the future for any reason without asking again for permission.

Creating a Guest Network allows your guests to use the internet on your premises but restricts their access to your local network. 

This is important for two reasons; 

  1. You do not want guests to have access to data on your office computers
  2. You cannot control what is on your guests’ devices.

Even if your guest has no malicious intent and of course 99% of the time they will not, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have malicious software running on their device that can spread through the network and gather passwords or mine bitcoin using your electricty and internet connection.

Guest Networks can be set up whatever way you like with control over options such as Speed, Range, Visibility of Network and Encryption depending on your router.

If you would like assistance with securing your company network please contact us