Hardware Upgrades

If you’re wondering whether or not your Laptop or Desktop would benefit from an upgrade here’s a full list of the most common upgrades performed on both Desktops & Laptops.  Tablets (iPads) are not upgradeable.

Most Common Laptop Upgrades:

  • Hard Drive From Mechanical to Solid State
  • RAM/Memory
  • CPU
  • Screen ie Matt to Glossy or HD
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Most Common Desktop Upgrades:

  • Hard Drive From Mechanical to Solid State
  • Secondary Hard Drive
  • Video Card Upgrade For Gaming, Design Software Requirements or Just For a Better Performing Desktop
  • RAM/Memory
  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Power Supply For Gaming or other Demanding Software Requirements

Best Upgrade Is The SSD Upgrade: One of the most economical types of performance upgrades for both Desktops and Laptops is to replace your mechanical hard drive with whats called a solid state drive (SSD) making your device around 5x faster.  Although the affordable SSD’s have smaller storage sizes ie 120GB, 240GB this is still more space than 99% of users will ever use.  Devices sold with 1TB, 2TB drives is really only a marketing method used to keep selling new devices and only needed by people who for example store lots of videos or games (Not the Facebook type ones) on their computer.  Most people are using about 15GB or less in personal data made up of photos, documents and music so an SSD upgrade is a smart choice for most of us.

Larger SSD’s are available if you do require more storage but are more expensive.

Keep in mind that it can be sometimes more economical to buy a new or refurbished device instead of upgrading your old one, especially if the Operating System (i.e XP, Vista) is no longer supported.