A new variant of a virus that infects Apple Mac computers called Backdoor.Flashback.39, has infected over 600,000 so far.

It was discovered by a Russian security firm called Dr Web.

According to Dr Web, “systems get infected with BackDoor.Flashback.39 after a user is redirected to a bogus site from a compromised resource or via a traffic distribution system. JavaScript code is used to load a Java-applet containing an exploit.”

Apple users have been warned to stay clear of any Russian websites, as they seem to be the ones carrying the infection.

If you have an Apple Mac, remove the Java software, you don’t really need it anyway. If you are one of the few people who do still need Java then upgrade to the newest version as soon as possible.

You can verify your version of Java here.

If you’re Apple Mac has been infected contact us at 0774 220 5215 for more info.