When you experience a poor Wi-Fi signal or intermittent loss of connection in the office it often results in a delay to your work.  This is frustrating for staff and business owners and results in many lost hours.  There are many factors which can cause this and it may take a lot of trial and error to diagnose so we recommend in the first instance to call your Internet Service Provider as they can run a few remote tests to see if there are any obvious faults on the equipment.


If you are still experiencing intermittent loss of connection and or poor signal which requires deeper investigation you can contact us for assistance as we provide a complete service starting with isolating the problem to installing and configuring any new equipment required.


Many factors can affect the wireless signal. Some known causes of interference on a Network are:

  • Microwave ovens located near the router.
  • Walkie Talkie devices or devices that operate similarly.
  • Bluetooth devices such as speakers.  
  • Televisions / Smart TVs.
  • Cordless Telephones.
  • Neighbouring businesses using the same wireless broadcasting channels.
  • Radar signals, ie if business is located near an airport.
  • Environmental factors such as thick walls, large amounts of metal, mirrors, water.
  • Poor location of Router.
  • Old equipment.
  • Settings on the Router itself such as Firmware or incorrect configuration.

You can try turning domestic appliances off or repositioning the Router to see if it makes any difference, but you may need your networking equipment reconfigured, updated or even additional devices installed such as Repeaters if the issue lies with environmental factors.  Contact us today for assistance.