Whether you wish to securely connect offices together remotely, check in to your desktop from abroad or want to guarantee the privacy of the connection from home based employees logging into the office then using a dedicated Business Virtual Private Network is the most secure method you can use.  


Not a Personal VPN

A Business VPN is not the same as a Personal VPN.  Business VPNs are designed with the goal of establishing secure, private connections to the office from authorised devices on the outside regardless of location, whereas a Personal VPN from for example NordVPN or Avast is more focused on online privacy and accessing content that’s not viewable in your country.


Main Benefits to a Business VPN

Business VPN services allow you to be virtually inside the confines of your office walls from anywhere in the world.  You can operate software and hardware exactly as if you are sitting behind your desk.  They allow you to connect in a manner in which your company data remains private and visible only to you no matter whose network you are connected to.  For example your Home Network or a Hotel. 


Your company data travels through a private virtually encrypted tunnel, which runs from your computer directly to the office ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information and following GDPR regulations. In addition to this your Office Networks Firewall will be enhanced to Enterprise Level thanks to the newly installed VPN Router.


Compatible With Almost Any Device

VPN services provided by Carson IT support all laptops, desktops and tablets using Windows, Android or MacOS and all mobiles using Android or iOS.


In Summary

  • Access and operate software on your Office PC remotely
  • Operate hardware inside the office such as printers & servers 
  • Secure connections for employees between Home & Office
  • Head Office and Branches can work as one unit 
  • VPN Router enhances the Firewall to Enterprise Level Security

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