PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance In Six Easy Steps

Let us take care of the six steps that lead your business to PCI Compliance.

PCI Compliance doesn’t depend on the size of the business.

Every business that accepts card payments via a card machine or online needs to be PCI Compliant, even if the network only consists of one computer.

Too many small businesses in Northern Ireland are being caught out telling their card merchant or bank that they are PCI Compliant when in reality they’re not.

Sometimes businesses do this on purpose to save money and sometimes the owner just isn’t sure what they should be doing and end up leaving it to an untrained member of staff with no IT experience.

If a business has been telling the bank that they are compliant when in reality they’re not, then fault lies with the business owner when things go wrong.

Business that aren’t PCI compliant normally have their card machines taken away and have an extremely difficult time convincing another bank that they will become and stay compliant in the future.