Backup Your Browser to Edge

Despite having a Google Account with auto sync set up there have recently been a number of users of Google Chrome who have lost their Bookmarks and History following conflicting Google & Windows Updates.


Sometimes retrieval of the data is not possible.  While losing your Bookmarks and Browsing History usually is not business critical it can be a real inconvenience and time consuming to bring things back to as they were before .  We recommend from time to time to do a manual backup to another Browser such as Edge. It takes no longer than half a minute to do.


This guide below is to show you how to manually back up your web browser to Microsoft Edge web browser.


We recommend you take advantage of Microsoft Edges’ Import tool as you are able to transfer just about everything including saved payment details which you have entered on sites.


Open Microsoft Edge

Click on the star icon on the top right of Edge. Shown below highlighted in yellow

Click the 3 horizontal dots and then choose “Import Favourites”


Select “Import From” and choose your browser.  In this case we’re importing from Google Chrome 

Choose what data you want to transfer and click the blue Import button

That’s all there is to it. Your data has been imported to Edge.  Future data won’t automatically transfer so we recommend you follow this process occasionally.


Make Backups to Other Browsers

Importing to Firefox

Importing to Chrome


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