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How To Protect Your Business Against Invoice Redirect Fraud

Types Of Businesses Being Targeted Normally small businesses with between 1 and 8 employees are being targeted. This is mostly because hackers know that small businesses of that particular size don’t pay enough attention or have enough training or invest enough into IT security for one reason or another. Larger businesses tend to have IT […]

Recommended PCs For Small Businesses

At Carson IT we sell our own custom built PCs that we have been producing and supplying since 2008 for business clients throughout Northern Ireland and further afield. Specifically built for small businesses. Our custom built PCs are Fast, Secure and Affordable. Pricing for a custom built PC works out at least 15% cheaper than […]

Windows 7 – End Of Life – January 14th, 2020

On the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for all versions of Windows 7. What does Windows 7 End Of Life mean? Any computer running Windows 7 after that date will become insecure and open to future vulnerabilities. There will be: No Security Patches No Updates No Compliance Businesses that use Windows […]

PCI DSS for Business

card reader

12 Requirements of PCI DSS Any business that accepts card payments in store or online is required to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The Standard specifies 12 requirements, which are organised into six control objectives relating to the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data. Developed and maintained by […]

Reasons To Upgrade Your Computer Whether Old Or New To An SSD

Reasons to upgrade your computer whether old or new to an SSD Just bought a new computer and disappointed by how slow its performing already?  Or have you got an old computer that you really love using but are tired of waiting around on slow loading times?  Perhaps you think you couldn’t upgrade to an […]

VitalTax – Low Cost Online VAT Return Software

Every small business in the UK now has to submit their VAT return online. There’s plenty of software recommended by HMRC such as Sage & Xero, but they might not be cost effective solutions for your business. One of our business clients who works as an accountant recently came in to get her laptop repaired […]